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CEO Professional Roundtable

The CEO Professional Development Roundtable meets during the morning of the first day of the Directors’ Forum, quarterly, with different topics for each meeting.  Click below to access the materials from previous Roundtable meetings.



In July of 2018, the inaugural meeting of the CEO Professional Development Roundtable was held.  During that meeting, and the subsequent meetings in September and November, the CMH Financing Guidelines (from 1996) were reviewed and a Finance Presentation was given.  The sheer volume of information to review was broken into 3 parts for adequate time to discuss and digest this invaluable knowledge.  Click below for these materials:
Directors Finance Presentation
CMH Financing guidelines 1996



In 2019, many in the group wanted to stick with the topic of finances – moving on to the more in depth issue of funding.  A 1997 Report entitled “Funding Community Mental Health” was reviewed and discussed during the April 2019 meeting, and the “Red Book” was issued to participants.  Click below for those materials:
Funding CMH in Michigan Jan 1997
Red Book
At the July 2019 meeting, the presentation was “Community Mental Health – A System of Care”.  This presentation discussed the CMHSP Administrative Rate Allocation.  Click below for those materials:
Community Mental Health ~ a System of Care
During the September 2019 meeting, the group held a true “Roundtable” to discuss what topics and issues should be covered in future meetings.  A survey was issued prior to this meeting, with results from that survey discussed.  Click below for those results:
CEO Roundtable Topics – Survey Results
The final meeting for 2019 was held in November, with Alan Bolter giving a presentation on “How to be a successful Advocate”.  Click below for those materials:
Directors Advocacy

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