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Important Information

Michigan’s Medicaid Waivers

Behavioral Health Waiver Demo

Revised Plan for Procurement

Managed Specialty Services and Supports Program FY13

Pathway to Integration Waiver

MI Pathway Integration

1915 c Waiver Feedback Session PPT

1115 approval – MI Behavioral Health (9/27/19)

BHDDA Service and Waiver Update (9/24/19)

1115 waiver L 19-18 (5/9/19)

CMS SMD letter 1115 SMI-SED TA (5/17/19)

Post PHE Michigan Medicaid Re-determination Brochure and Toolkit

MDHHS’s Michigan Medicaid re-determination brochure is designed to be used to assist Medicaid enrollees to: determine if they still meet Medicaid eligibility criteria and retain their Medicaid coverage if they do meet that criteria.

MDHHS’s Medicaid Re-determination Stakeholder Toolkit is designed to be used by organizations, including CMHA member organizations, to assist individuals with Medicaid coverage understand the upcoming changes. The toolkit contains a variety of approved materials for organizations to use and distribute.

Addressing Michigan’s Behavioral Health Workforce Shortage

CMHA & LEO Social Work Promotional Toolkit

CHIR Retain Providers Toolkit (Nov. 2022)

MDHHS Workforce Report 2023

Forging a Path Forward to Strengthen Michigan’s Direct Care Workforce

Immediate Solution to the Direct Care Worker Shortage: Build a Sustainable Training Infrastructure

Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics in Michigan

Outcomes of Michigan CCBHC Sites


MI CCBHC Sites- September 2023

CCBHC Overview: one-pager

Transforming State Behavioral Health Systems: Findings from States on the Impact of CCBHC Implementation (National Council for Mental Wellbeing)

Responding to trauma and preventing contagion around community crises including school shootings

Responding to Trauma and Preventing Contagion Around Community Crises Including School Shootings

Letter from CAHC Office of MDHHS

AACAP FFF Disaster Helping Children Cope

AACAP FFF Threats by Children; When are they Serious

SAMHSA resources in response to Oxford shooting

Mental Health – Recommendations – EOP and 2018 Final Reccs

Statement from Jane Shank – CEO of ACMH

Mental Health Tips Following a National Tragedy – OCHN

NASP-PREPaRE Crisis Support Guidance Extended

NASP-PREPaRE Crisis Support Guidance Brief

Other Miscellaneous

Assisted Outpatient Treatment: Michigan Toolkit

OMA Summary – Final Oct 2022

LEADC Subcommittee Meeting Materials for 7/10/23

Systemic Underfunding of Michigan’s Public Mental Health System

Appendix to Systemic Underfunding Analysis

Infographic About Michigan’s Public Mental Health System

CMHA 2022 EPIC MRA Release

CMHA Social Media Toolkit

CMHA CCBHC Infographic v4

CMHA BHH OHH Infographic v2

CMHA Within Our Reach Concrete Approaches Factsheet final

Unified vision for a transformed mental health system – as developed by a national coalition including National Council, NAMI, and some of other national allie

Coalition for Whole Health transition recommendations to Biden-Harris administration

About Michigan’s Public Mental Health System Infographics

Key Pillars to Advance Michigan’s Mental Health System

CMHA Cultural and Linguistic Competence Resources Guide

Voter Registration and GOTV

Voter Registration Guidelines 2022



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