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Important Information

Addressing Michigan’s Behavioral Health Workforce Shortage

Behavioral Health Provider/Supervisor Telehealth Survey Summary

Michigan’s Direct Care Workforce (PSC)

Forging a Path Forward to Strengthen Michigan’s Direct Care Workforce

Immediate Solution to the Direct Care Worker Shortage: Build a Sustainable Training Infrastructure

Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics in Michigan

CCBHC sites in Michigan as of March 2022

CCBHC Overview: one-pager

Transforming State Behavioral Health Systems: Findings from States on the Impact of CCBHC Implementation (National Council for Mental Wellbeing)

Responding to trauma and preventing contagion around community crises including school shootings

Responding to Trauma and Preventing Contagion Around Community Crises Including School Shootings

Letter from CAHC Office of MDHHS

AACAP FFF Disaster Helping Children Cope

AACAP FFF Threats by Children; When are they Serious

SAMHSA resources in response to Oxford shooting

Mental Health – Recommendations – EOP and 2018 Final Reccs

Statement from Jane Shank – CEO of ACMH

Mental Health Tips Following a National Tragedy – OCHN

NASP-PREPaRE Crisis Support Guidance Extended

NASP-PREPaRE Crisis Support Guidance Brief

Development of Michigan’s Comprehensive Crisis System

A Tradition of Excellence and Innovation: Strengths of Michigan’s Mental Health System Infographic

A Tradition of Excellence and Innovation: Measuring the Performance of Michigan’s Public Mental Health System

Key Pillars to Advance Michigan’s Mental Health System

April 2022 MPCIP Update

February 2022 MPCIP Update

PIHP Rollout Care Coord & Timeline v2

MDHHS — MiCAL-PIHP_CMHSP Care Coordination Requirements Memo (April 2021)

988 -MiCAL Director Overview Final

Michigan Health Safety Net Coalition – Intro

2021 Partners letter

Michigan Probate Judges Association

Other Miscellaneous

Systemic Underfunding of Michigan’s Public Mental Health System

Appendix to Systemic Underfunding Analysis

CMHA’s Vision for Michigan’s Public Mental Health System

Infographic About Michigan’s Public Mental Health System

CMHA 2022 EPIC MRA Release

CMHA Social Media Toolkit

MDHHS: Parent Support Partner Evaluation – FY21 Annual Report

Michigan Peer Recovery Coalition Peer-Run Crisis Respite White Paper

Behavioral Health Workforce Employer Meeting

Michigan CSU Concept Paper – November 3, 2021

MI DCW Training Infrastructure Proposal October 14, 2021

Partner Letter Opposed To SB’s 597 & 598

DSP Recognition Week Press Release

DCW Wage Coalition Position Statement on FMAP and ARPA Funds

Direct Care Workforce Survey Report

Medicaid Managed Care Financial Results 07.07.21

CMHA CCBHC Infographic v4

CMHA BHH OHH Infographic v2

CMHA Within Our Reach Concrete Approaches Factsheet final

Risks of Loneliness and Isolation

CMHSP Crisis Survey Report Full Final

Child and Adolescent Mental Health as a Result of COVID: A Michigan Perspective

Gearing Towards Integration

PMAD Listening Session Flyer (English)

PMAD Listening Session Flyer (Spanish)

Hot off of the press: Roadmap to the Ideal Crisis System – Summary

Hot off of the press: Roadmap to the Ideal Crisis System – Full Report

CMHA Strategic Plan-as revised 3.22.2021


Falcone opinion on provider and MCO roles of CMHs – 12.17.2020

Unified vision for a transformed mental health system – as developed by a national coalition including National Council, NAMI, and some of other national allie

Coalition for Whole Health transition recommendations to Biden-Harris administration

Cultural and Linguistic Competence Learning Community Request for Applications – Due Date January 8

CLC Learning Community Application

Workforce Survey and DCW Wage Advocacy

CMHA recommendations – MDHHS system design proposal – February 2020

CMHA Strategic Plan

CMHA Vision for A World-Class Public Mental Health System

About Michigan’s Public Mental Health System Infographics

Key Pillars to Advance Michigan’s Mental Health System

CMHA Cultural and Linguistic Competence Resources Guide

Voter Registration and GOTV

Voter Registration Guidelines 2022



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