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Center for Healthcare Integration & Innovation (CHI2) White Papers

The Center for Healthcare Integration and Innovation (CHI2) is the research and analysis office within the Community Mental Health Association of Michigan (CMHAM). The Center, in partnership with the members of the CMH Association, leaders, researchers, consultants and advisors from across Michigan and the country, issues white papers and analyses on a range of healthcare issues with a focus on behavioral health and intellectual/developmental disability services.

Healthcare Integration and Coordination – 2020/2021 Update: Survey of Initiatives of Michigan’s Public Mental Health System

Statutory, regulatory, contractual foundations for fundamental roles of Michigan’s CMH system (November 2020)

Tradition of Excellence – Strengths of MI Mental Health System Infographic (September 2020)

Tradition of Excellence and Innovation (May 2020)

MI Health Link: Review of evaluation findings by RTI International and Alan Newman Research (November 2019)

Perfect Storm for Fiscal Distress in Michigan’s Public Mental Health System (September 2019)

Community Mental Health and Corrections: A Sequential Intercept Model Survey of Michigan CMHSPs (April 2018)

Bending the Healthcare Cost Curve: The Success of Michigan’s Public Mental Health System in Achieving Sustainable Cost Control (March 2017)

Impact of the FY 2014-2015 Budget Cut to Michigan’s Public Mental Health System (March 2017)

Medicaid funding consolidation: Key themes identified in an examination of the experience of other states (February 2016)

Beyond Appearances Behavioral Health Financing Models and the Point of Care (February 2016)

Costs and Benefits of Investing in Mental Health Services in Michigan (April 2011)


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