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What is CMH PAC?

CMH PAC is a Political Action Committee. PACs give money to candidates running for elective office. By making a donation to the CMH PAC, you are ensuring that issues important to mental health are not left out of the dialog in Lansing.

Why Support CMH PAC? 

In the Michigan Legislature there are:

  • More new legislators due to term limits.
  • Fewer legislators with in-depth knowledge about behavioral health issues.
  • More legislative proposals that directly and indirectly impact Michigan’s publicly funded mental health system.
  • More aggressive interest groups competing for limited resources.
  • Very few legislative champions for persons with mental health, developmental/intellectual disabilities and substance use disorders.

CMH PAC helps overcome some of these obstacles by raising awareness for issues that are important to behavioral health care. The CMH PAC supports legislators/candidates who support and advocate on behalf of Michigan’s publicly funded mental health system.

Donate NOW!  Make checks payable to CMH PAC ~ Send to: CMH PAC, 426 S. Walnut, Lansing, MI  48933

(No corporate checks, please!)

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