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CLS Healthcare Trainer/Psychiatric Clinic Support Nurse

Agency Name: Community Living Services

Agency Contact: Rachele Wroblewski

  • Position Type: Full Time
  • Job Type: Permanent
  • County: Wayne
  • Salary Range: 50,000 - 58,000 per Year
  • Send applications to:
  • Please include your resume when applying.
  • Download this job posting.

The Healthcare Trainer/Psychiatric Clinic Support Nurse (Nurse) holds a dual role supporting the ongoing training efforts of the Training Department and providing nursing services and support to the Community Living Services (CLS) Psychiatric Clinic. The role is approximately 80% training and 20% dedicated to the psychiatric clinic although both roles are of equal importance. The Nurse teaches all Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) and CLS curricula content using an adult learning model and emphasizes positive physical health. Designs, delivers, and assesses the effectiveness of support strategies and provides direct training and support to persons involved in the lives of the people CLS supports. Assists persons served, their support circles and Supports Coordinators while developing supports that emphasize feelings of safety, engagement, valuing others and being valued. Provides direct training and support to care givers using MDHHS approved curricula that encourages positive physical health practices. Designs, delivers, assesses, and documents training sessions according to departmental and agency needs and standards. Training occurs in formal classroom settings, people’s homes, workplaces, and other community settings. Various venues like traditional classroom, distance learning, training of trainers, visits, and online trainings are used to deliver training. Provides routine support and back-up coverage for nursing assessments, medication administration, counseling, health education, and service delivery in the CLS Psychiatric Clinic. Provides Nursing Assessments, consultations, advocacy, and huddle participation for people enrolled in Behavioral Health Home model supports. Provides ongoing teaching and serves as a role model of positive health practices, preventing disease and of physical, social and emotional health measures; makes major modifications in the delivery of supports to people with developmental disabilities. Must be able to adjust to changes, design educational opportunities that keep service providers and professionals abreast with best practice efforts in Health and Wellness, Self Determination, Person Centered Planning, Gentle Teaching, Cultural Competence, Autism, Mental Health, Nutrition, and other areas.

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