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Supports Coordinator

Agency Name: Community Living Services

Agency Contact: Diana Kaszyca

  • Position Type: Full Time
  • Job Type: Permanent
  • County: Oakland
  • Salary Range: 47,500 per Year
  • Send applications to:
  • Please include your resume when applying.

Job Summary: The Support Coordinator serves as an advocate and broker of supports and services for children and adults with developmental disabilities. Support Coordination services provided shall promote community inclusion, full citizenship, the generation of income, and networks of natural support. The Support Coordinator will develop resources and supports that result in the person living the life they wish to lead, being happy, healthy, and having solid relationships. The Support Coordinator will promote and uphold the principles of Person-Centered Planning and Self-Determination, while adhering to applicable local, state, and federal regulations.
Duties and Responsibilities:
Based on the needs and desires of the people being supported, the Support Coordinator may provide a wide array of varying services. All of the applicable duties and responsibilities set forth in the Medicaid guidelines are included by reference, including but not limited to the following:

· Facilitates, develops, documents, and implements the Individual’s Person-Centered Plan using the principles of Person-Centered Planning and Self-Determination.

· Trains/inservices the person supported, their family, support providers, etc. on Person-Centered Plan recommendations.

· Links, coordinates, provides brokering, assists with implementation, and monitoring of the person’s plan implementation and progress, including oversight of specialty supports and services and community supports and services.

· Assists with access and maintenance of entitlements. Assists the person in completing documentation required to maintain all entitlements and insurance coverage, including Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security benefits, Supplemental Security Income, Adult Home Help, Food Stamps, etc.

· Assists with pro-active planning related to potential crises situations and provides crisis resolution supports as needed.

· Assures that a written plan is readily available in the person’s home to maintain health and safety of the person. The plan should include fire safety, tornado safety, any known health risks, and personal safety recommendations.

· Assists the person and family to coordinate and secure services needed to address any health concerns. Coordinates health and safety strategies, including planning related to emergency needs and coordination with health care providers. Coordinates discharge planning as needed for hospitalizations.

· Encourages people supported to discuss their dreams and assists in developing strategies to realize those dreams, both logistically and financially. Assists with implementation of the plan for dream fulfillment.

· Assists the person to become an active and contributing member of their community.

· Assists with personal empowerment and the development of self-advocacy skills.

· Assists with relationship development. Assists the person in building a circle of friends, maintaining natural supports, and expanding/maintaining his/her social network.

· Works collaboratively with other service providers and supporters in the person’s life to develop individualized, creative methods of service delivery specific to the person’s needs and desires.

· Conducts planning and develops resources related to desired housing opportunities. Coordinates and secures housing opportunities as requested. Assists and supports the pursuit of housing, including housing identification and location, selection of roommates, application for available housing subsidies, pursuing environmental modifications, signing of appropriate documents, such as leases.

· Assists the person and family to coordinate and secure transportation as needed.

· Promotes and assists the person with pursuing and securing avenues of income generation, including collaboration with MRS, assistance with job searches and job maintenance, and consideration of microenterprise development when appropriate.

· Coordinates on-going supports with school system, for people who are school aged. Participates in IEP meetings, and school transition planning related to post-graduation aspirations.

· Assists people supported, families and other support providers in locating and obtaining necessary community resources and utilizing natural supports as available, prior to accessing public funding. Demonstrates a commitment to the prudent use of public funds.

· Assists with application and the coordination of ongoing service provision through various programs including the 1915 Waiver, HAB Supports Waiver, Children’s Waiver, Early On, CSHCS, Adult Home Help, etc.

· Promotes Self-Determination as an option for all people, through public speaking tasks, including public speaking at local and statewide events. Participates in relevant workshops, seminars, conferences, trainings and in-services as requested.

· Assists with orientation, training, and mentoring of CLS/OC staff, advocates, and Independent Support Coordinators as needed.

· Meets performance requirements related to job duties and service delivery. Completes required documentation in a quality and timely manner consistent with requirements of CLS agency and external funding sources.

· Completes a minimum of 24 hours of professional skill development activity each fiscal year. The Support Coordinator(s) designated to work with children must complete 24 hours of child-specific training each fiscal year. Must also complete training required for Qualified Intellectual Disability Professional (QIDP) credential.

· Additional tasks as assigned.

Travel Requirement:
Extensive scheduled and non-scheduled travel is required in executing essential duties and responsibilities of this position. Employees must provide their own transportation. Maintenance of a valid driver’s license, an acceptable driving record, and vehicle registration and insurance in compliance with State of Michigan requirements are all continuing conditions of employment. If driving a vehicle other than the one listed on file with the Human Resources Department, employee is responsible for ensuring the vehicle is registered, insured, and meets all other State of Michigan motor vehicle requirements and providing documentation as requested.
CLS policy restricts the use of an alternate driver without the express, prior written authorization of the Human Resources Director. A review of such request will be based on evaluation of HIPAA compliance issues, work restrictions, other relevant factors and whether the request will present an undue hardship to the organization.
CLS, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. All administrative, management and supervisory personnel are directed to support and cooperate with the EEO program and other equal employment opportunity efforts. Performance will be evaluated in this regard.
Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in a human services field. Must minimally meet education and experience requirements for provisional credentialing as a Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional (QIDP); full QIDP credential preferred. Must also minimally possess or obtain Registered Social Service Technician (RSST) from the State of Michigan as a condition of employment at the time of hire. Social work licensure is preferred but not required.
Minimum of one year working with and/or supporting persons with developmental disabilities, or related conditions.

Special Knowledge
· Must be an enthusiastic and upbeat “people person” and have the ability to communicate effectively and establish positive relationships with co-workers, the people we support, OCCMHA, our network providers, and community members.
· Must be a highly motivated, conscientious, and flexible individual with a commitment to excellent customer service.
· Evidence of a strong work ethic/history and the ability to initiate systems improvements and follow through independently. Ability to use initiative, plan, organize, work under pressure, and meet deadlines.
· Ability to work well within a team atmosphere and maintain a positive attitude, willingness to learn, and embrace our continuous efforts to always improve the supports we provide.
· Typing and computer efficiencies required. Demonstrated skills in usage of Microsoft Office, Excel, Outlook, Internet. Must be willing and able to learn Power Point and CLS FoxPro systems.
· Knowledge of, and passion for, the principles of Person-Centered-Planning and Self-Determination preferred.
On the job training provided.

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