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President CEO

Agency Name: Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network

Agency Contact: Blaire Miller

  • Position Type: Full Time
  • Job Type: Permanent
  • County: Other
  • Salary Range: 150,000-310,000 per Year
  • Send applications to: blaire.miller@huntergroup
  • Please include your resume when applying.
  • Download this job posting.



The President/CEO of the Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network is appointed by and works under the direct supervision of the Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network Board of Directors. This position also has the responsibility of communicating to, and informing the Board of the policies, activities and other related issues of the Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network. The President/CEO of the Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network (“the Network” or “DWIHN”) has the responsibility of ensuring that behavioral health services and information regarding behavioral health services are provided to the citizens of the County of Wayne in accordance with the provisions of the contract between the Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

The President/CEO of the Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network shall function as the chief executive and administrative officer of the Network and shall execute and administer the Network’s functions in accordance with the approved annual plan and operating budget, the general policy guidelines established by the Network Board of Directors, and the provisions of the Michigan Mental Health Code. The President/CEO has the authority and responsibility for the appointment and supervision of the Medical Director, the Director of the Office of Recipient Rights and all other employees of the Network in accordance with Mental Health Code. The terms and conditions of the President/CEO’s employment, including tenure of service, shall be as mutually agreed to by the Network Board of Directors and the President/CEO and shall be specified in a written contract.


Consistent with the principles of recovery, person-centeredness, and cultural competence, the DWIHN President CEO’s principal responsibilities are as follows:

1. Implements the policies and procedures of the Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network Board of Directors.

2. Develops and recommends public policy for Wayne County’s behavioral health populations (which includes the developmentally disabled and chemically dependent populations) to the Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network Board of Directors.

3. Develops and implements long-term and short-term strategic plans, objectives and goals for the Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network.
4. Ensures that the Network, its operations, and delivery of services are in compliance with the provisions of Article 330.1230-Sec.230 of the Michigan mental health code

5. Manages and administers the Network budget, including monitoring provider spending plans and developing internal and external fiscal policy and procedures.

6. Oversees the procurement of grant funds and Federal, State, and local appropriations.

7. Directs and manages the Managed Care network that provides mental health services to Detroit and Wayne County residents.

8. Oversees and enforces the Recipient Rights guidelines and protections required in the Mental Health Code.

9. Develops, implements, and monitors quality assurance standards and compliance for agencies with contracts with the Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network.

10. Oversees and administers research programs in the behavioral health area of study (which includes research programs for the developmentally disabled and chemically dependent) for the residents of the County of Wayne.

11. Oversees and administers the delivery of clinical services to the County’s behavioral health populations (which includes the developmentally disabled and chemically dependent populations).

12. Develops, creates and oversees written and verbal communication, public relations, and community programming for the Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network.

13. Provides general supervision to the employees of the Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network including making personnel and labor relation policies and decisions.

14. Directs, manages, and monitors the day-to-day operations and activities of the Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network.

The ideal candidate for DWIHN CEO should possess the following knowledges skills and abilities:

• Knowledge of Michigan political landscape and issues effective health care across the state
• Knowledge of mental health theory and practice.

• Some knowledge of physical health theory and practice

• Knowledge of the provision of Mental health services in an urban setting.

• Knowledge of integrated healthcare.

• Knowledge of mental health delivery systems.

• Knowledge of the State of Michigan Mental Health Code.

• Knowledge of providing services in a managed care environment.

• Knowledge of clinical service delivery for mentally ill persons.

• Knowledge of Recipient Rights standards.

• Knowledge of grant funding sources and acquiring grant funds.

• Knowledge of Federal, State, and local funding sources.

• Knowledge of mental health research initiatives.

• Knowledge of contract management including monitoring quality assurance and compliance standards.

• Knowledge of public relations operations.

• Knowledge of providing community programs in the area of mental health.

• Knowledge and understanding of public policy and advocacy.

• Knowledge of healthcare and mental health financial management.

• Knowledge of personnel policies, practices, and procedures.

• Knowledge of the behavioral health field of study.

• Knowledge of the developmentally disabled population.

• Knowledge of Substance Use Disorder (SUD) and the chemically dependent population.

• Executive – level decision making skills.

• Management and administrative skills.

• Supervisory skills.

• Negotiation skills.

• Problem-solving and decision-making ability.

• Ability to communicate effectively in writing.

• Ability to communicate effectively orally.

• Ability to work effectively with a governing board, superiors, subordinates, consumers, and the general public.

• Openness to the emerging workforce in community mental health, including people with lived experience, their family members, allies and fictive kin.

• Healthy respect for the needs and interest of the individuals who receive services

• The ideal candidate must be politically savvy

• The ideal must be fiscally responsible

• Personal experience with behavioral health issues is desired.

Performance Indicators

A. Board Relations and Governance

• Maintains active communication with the Network Board of Directors. Understands the Network’s requirements for governance practices and supports the Board of Directors and its governance.

• Appropriately provides support and leadership to the Board of Directors.

• Works closely with Board of Directors to keep them informed of the state of Mental Health on critical issues relating to DWIHN, such as regulatory or statutory changes, as well as annual appropriations.

• Provides Board of Directors the information it needs to monitor performance and make good decisions.

• Implements Board policies and directives.

• Builds effective partnership relations with all members of the Board.

B. Finances

• Oversees the fiscal activities of DWIHN, including budgeting, reporting, and auditing. Follows annual budget approved by the Board of Directors.

• In collaboration with the Board of Directors, monitors annual appropriation from State of Michigan.

• Promotes programs and services that are produced in a cost-effective manner, employing economy while maintaining an acceptable level of quality.

• Recommends yearly budget for the Board of Director’s approval and prudently manages organization’s resources within those budget guidelines according to current laws and regulations.

• Oversees and maintains cash flow; develops realistic budgets and stays within budget. Ensures leaders stay within budget.

• Demonstrates good stewardship of financial resources and manages those resources in the most effective and efficient manner.

• Ensures maximum resources are appropriated to DWIHN for all funding sources – Medicaid, Healthy Michigan, General Fund, Grant.

C. Strategic Planning Facilitation
• In collaboration with the Board of Directors, facilitates the planning process for the Board approved strategic plan.

• In collaboration with the Board of Directors, develops long-term and short-term strategies and plans that set clear goals, timelines, and priorities for DWIHN as a whole; ensures timely and steady progress toward strategic objectives.

• Monitors DWIHN’s short-term and long-term range strategies to ensure achievement of the organization’s mission, as well as making consistent and timely progress.

• Obtains and allocates resources consistent with DWIHN’s strategic objectives. Assesses DWIHN’s capabilities and resources required to successfully carry out strategy. Reports regularly to the Board of Directors on progress toward strategic plan milestones.

• Identifies strategic aims and anticipates future demands, opportunities, and constraints. Translates strategic aims into practical and achievable plans.

• Demonstrates knowledge and sensitivity of stakeholders’ needs, within and outside the organization.

• Makes decisions in a timely manner, even in uncertain circumstances.

• Promotes a sound platform to the community as to the direction of the Network.

D. Leadership

• Leads by example and demonstrates a clear vision of the future of DWIHN and its contribution to the community’s well-being. Consistently displays integrity and models DWIHN’s values.

• Communicates and engages staff regarding the mission, vision and values of DWIHN.

• Effectively leads DWIHN through complex challenges and difficult decisions.

• Demonstrates excellence in leadership by ethical application of processes, policies, decisions, etc. Sets and achieves clear and measurable goals and reasonable deadlines. Timely completion of projects.

• Builds a high performance team. Appropriately delegates assignments to leadership staff and others as appropriate.

• Initiates and follows through with change; is visible, approachable and earns respect; inspires and motivates others. Deals effectively with demanding situations and designs and implements effective intervention.

• Develops Matrix or other mechanism to monitor management and oversight of employees.

• Demonstrates initiative and creativity in identifying and addressing strategic issues facing the organization. Demonstrates high standards of integrity, honesty, and fairness expected.

• Carries forth decisions of the Board of Directors. Effectively manages continuity, change, and transition.

• Ensures DWIHN operates as a data driven organization. Positions DWIHN as a key leader in healthcare throughout Wayne County.

E. Human Resources, Labor and Employee Relations

• Ensures recruitment process and compensation program is efficient and encourages attraction of high-quality, diverse, talented applicants.

• Assures that appropriate actions are taken to monitor and enhance employee performance.

• Ensures appropriate management practices are developed and implemented.
• Leads development of policies and procedures. Evaluates and assesses overall Human Resources processes and functions for efficiency.

• Ensures recruitment of a diverse, high-quality, talented staff. Develops succession plans.

• Development of a Compensation Plan, per Board policy.

• Delegates effectively, making the best use of skills and resources within the team.
• Acts as role model in developing employees. Motivates employees to seek and participate in developmental activities that enhance technical and professional skills.

• Develops and implements an employee engagement program that develops an enthusiastic committed and fully engaged workforce.

• Works with and maintains effective relationship with unions.

• Leads labor negotiations and negotiates labor contracts in the best interest of DWIHN. Manages the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) and ensures CBA is administered appropriately.

F. Services and Programs

• Works in collaboration of the Board of Directors to determine the best program and services for DWIHN and ensures appropriate implementation.

• Ensures that Managers of Comprehensive of Provider Network (MCPNs) deliver appropriate services in an effective manner.

• Leads negotiations and implementation of new programs and services.
• Creates innovative partnerships to ensure DWIHN is positioned as a key leader in healthcare throughout Wayne County to influence use of the programs and services.
• Leads and promotes continuous improvement of programs and services and program outcomes.

• Evaluates methods to transform service delivery models in various programs and services.
• Ensures programs and services are tracked and measured for efficiency in organizational performance outcomes.

G. Quality and Education Based Medicine

• Collaborates with the Board of Directors in developing implementation guidelines for quality and evidence based practices with identifiable timelines.

• Implements the Quality Assessment Performance Improvement Plan (QAPIP) with measurable outcomes, which are based on the Strategic Plan.

• Implements at least four (4) new clinical best practices.

• Develops and implements a model to ensure access to medications that is clinically sound and cost effective.


Education and Experience:

A qualified candidate will meet either of the following education and experience requirements:

1. Be a physician, psychologist, social worker, registered nurse, or other human services professional who possesses:

• A master’s degree;
• Three (3) years of professional experience in his or her field of training; and
• Two (2) years of experience in the administrative supervision of mental health programs.

2. Be a person who possesses at least:

• A master’s degree in a field of management relevant to the administration of a county community mental health program;
• Three (3) years of professional experience in management; and
• Two (2) years of experience in the management of human services programs.
o The areas of community mental health administration, hospital administration, public administration, institution management, business administration, or public health are deemed to be relevant fields of management

Preferred Experience and Training:

Three (3) to Ten (10) years of progressively responsible executive or administrative experience in the areas of mental health, human or social services, quality assurance, grant writing, community resource development, contract management, management information systems and healthcare finance, in an urban setting, preferred.

A master’s degree the area(s) of Public Health, Public Administration, Business Administration, human or social services or a related field, desired.

**Candidates that possess substantially similar qualifications may be considered at the discretion of DWIHN.


Work is performed in an office setting.

The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by person assigned to this classification. They are not intended to be construed as an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties, and skills required of personnel so classified.

Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network
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