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Training Director

Agency Name: Community Living Services

Agency Contact: Diana Kaszyca

  • Position Type: Full Time
  • Job Type: Permanent
  • County: Wayne
  • Salary Range: $57,000 - $66,542 per Year
  • Send applications to:
  • Please include your resume when applying.

JOB SUMMARY: The purpose of this position is to ensure internal and external training programs are established and maintained/updated to meet the needs of individuals served by CLS, direct support professionals, community health providers, and CLS staff.

Of paramount importance to this position is the need to stay up to date on the leading edge of training requirements and innovations to share these innovations with CLS staff and service providers. The Training Director must work closely with the CEO and COO to ensure that skills are developed which promote the operating principles of the agency and best practices of the field.

The Training Director also supervises Trainers in order to maintain the highest standards of preparedness for staff in licensed and unlicensed homes and ensures that CLS training meets Michigan Department of Human Services (DHHS) and Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network (DWIHN) and other contractual requirements.

The Training Director will lead training efforts to provide opportunities for Continuing Education Credits for Social Workers. The position will lead weekly training sessions to assure all staff receive training opportunities that provide guidance to assure a strong skill set that promotes high quality services to individuals and families we support. The Training Director will personally provide training and source and coordinate supplementary training for staff.

REPORTING RELATIONSHIP: The Training Director reports to the COO.



Training development, implementation, evaluation – The position continually evaluates training programs and expressed training needs giving appropriate priorities to the needs of CLS management. Training schedules are developed, implemented, and monitored.

Research and program development – Future training needs must be anticipated, and proper development is the responsibility of the Training Director for both CLS employees and contractual personnel. Standardized curriculum from MDHHS must be personalized and augmented to meet the needs of CLS.

Resource development – In addition to supervision of agency personnel, must locate, recruit, and manage contractual resource personnel for programs and training tasks. Performs related duties to training, participates in training workgroups at the county and state level.

Assesses need for unit staffing, supplies, equipment, and physical facilities to be used for budget planning.

Provides leadership in the formulation and implementation of policies and procedures.

Provides leadership in the designing and implementing of reporting systems.

Prepares quarterly reports for DWIHN in accordance with the Direct Care Worker Training contract.

Oversees the Wayne TAP training tracking platform. This includes removing people erroneously added under Community Living Services and following up with CLS staff and supervisors who are at risk of letting their required DWIHN TAP training expire.

Leads the planning, coordination, and implementation of routine training schedules, for both internal and external stakeholders. Seeks input on areas of training interests and needs.

Audits training content to assure it represents CLS’ progressive values and best practice approaches in our field.

Provides direction for training department staff, ensuring conformance to the policies and procedures of CLS, and the Detroit-Wayne Integrated Health Network.

Initiates, maintains, and monitor policies, procedures, and goals in conjunction with CLS, and MDHHS guidelines.

Meets with other administrative level staff to ensure effective means of continuing quality programs and addressing specific problem areas.

Makes training decisions in consultation with our funder. Participates in ongoing meetings and collaboration with our funders to assure alignment of their expectations.

Develops training department budgetary projections. Approves and monitors expenditures for department.

Seeks expansion of training work via promotion of CLS as subject matter experts with alternative funding sources.

Participates on the CLS Credentialing Committee.

Speaks or coordinates speakers for community interest groups and/or represents the President/CEO at various meetings with community groups. Also creates various community presentations.

Assists the CEO and COO in sharing routine positive messages with staff and facilitates an open, honest, and united teamwork culture. “One CLS, One Purpose”

Promotes advocacy efforts on behalf of people served by providing information, resources, and passion around issues of importance on the local, county, state, and federal level.

The Director of Training is responsible for the coordination of all agency-wide training activities. This includes recruiting, interviewing, selecting and supervising qualified trainers and other departmental staff. Assigns individual tasks; and evaluates proficiency and performance.

Responsible for registration if required, timely completion of performance evaluations and tracking the completion of required training based on positions.

Program Development:
Spearheads the development of new training initiatives and programs in conjunction with other agency staff that will benefit Persons served by CLS. Serves as our CLS Training lead on committees, workgroups, and when communicating with funders and other stakeholders. Obtains input from committee members, residential and vocational providers and other stakeholders to develop meaningful initiatives to meet service and support needs of provider, support staff, and Persons served.

Training Liaison:
Maintains cooperative relationships with other public and private community agencies such as the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, Intermediate School Districts, the Arc, and non-profit residential and vocational providers.

May be assigned to attend external committees or workgroups.

May provide tours and information to visitors of CLS, community settings, attend public meetings related to existing or new support program and related duties.

Minimum of Bachelor’s degree in human services field and Licensed Bachelor’s Social Worker (LBSW) with the State of Michigan.

Minimum three years related work experience in the areas of Human Services, Training, Communications arena, or a similar field of work.

Extensive training or experience in Adult Learning Theory preferred.

MDHHS Certification in Trainer Technology or equivalent preferred.

Knowledge of Person-Centered Planning and Self-Determination models of support preferred.

Scheduled and non-scheduled travel is required in executing essential duties and responsibilities of this position. Employees must provide their own transportation. Maintenance of a valid driver’s license, an acceptable driving record, and vehicle registration and insurance in compliance with State of Michigan requirements are all continuing conditions of employment. If driving a vehicle other than the one listed on file with the Human Resources Department, employee is responsible for ensuring the vehicle is registered, insured, and meets all other State of Michigan motor vehicle requirements and providing documentation as requested.

CLS policy restricts the use of an alternate driver without the express, prior written authorization of the Human Resources Director. A review of such request will be based on evaluation of HIPAA compliance issues, work restrictions and other relevant factors.

Physical Demands:
Physical tasks are minimal. This job is primarily an office position with moderate field work and business travel required.

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