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Message from MDHHS Director Robert Gordon (Click for Video)

On his first day in his role as the Director of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, Robert Gordon reached out to talk to our Association, as a key stakeholder. We discussed the CMH Association’s recommendations to strengthen Michigan’s public mental health system, drawing on two of the Association’s core advocacy documents ”Vision for a World Class Public Mental Health System in Michigan” and its “Addressing the systemic underfunding of Michigan’s public mental health system”. He expressed his strong support for our system, reminding us that his father was a psychiatrist in the public mental health system of New York. He asked that we drop off hard copies of the materials that we discussed, along with other materials related to our system.

Click below to watch the video interview with Robert Gordon that was sent to MDHHS employees earlier this week!  While this video is intended for MDHHS employees, the themes contained in it provide us with a clear picture of his approach to his work and his hopes and vision for MDHHS.

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