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Virtual CAFAS Basic Trainer Booster

Information Details
Start Date Friday, January 22, 2021
Event Times
If you are interested in registering for this training, please email

8:00am    Log on Time
8:15am    Education
12:00pm  Lunch
1:00pm    Education
4:00pm    Adjournment
Note: Participants are required to complete all Reliability Vignettes no later than 1/29/21.
Event Details

To participate in this training, you MUST be an employee of a Michigan CMHSP or a CMHSP contract provider. You MUST already be trained as a CAFAS Trainer to attend this Training for Agency Trainers Booster. There will also be required prework for this training that will be sent out approximately a week before the training date and must be turned in prior to the training.

Training Description: This training includes a comprehensive review of the Child and Adolescent Functional Assessment Scale (CAFAS). The training is centered upon the scoring guidelines for each of the eight subscales. Selected Reliability Vignette Testing will be scored and discussed during the training. Training tips and strategies will be presented. Participants will be involved with exercises and role-play to practice and improve their training skills. Participants can anticipate becoming a more experienced and expert trainer. This is a brief, concentrated review which is only appropriate for those people who regularly use the CAFAS.


Participants will be able to:

  1. Increase their skill in mentoring and training others in the CAFAS.
  2. Understand and explain CAFAS rating protocols for School, including rating school during the time of COVID.
  3. Understand and explain CAFAS rating protocols the Home subscale, including differentiating the levels of severity of behaviors and how to score on the CAFAS.
  4. Understand and explain the CAFAS rating protocol for Community and Behavior Toward Others, including differentiating the levels of severity of behaviors and how to score on the CAFAS
  5. Understand and explain the CAFAS rating protocol for the Mood and Emotions and Self-Harm Subscales, including the levels of severity of behaviors and how to score on the CAFAS.
  6. Increase methods to strengthen their skills to mentor staff competence in rating the CAFAS and learn best practices for record keeping.
  7. Understand and explain the CAFAS rating protocol for the Substance Use and Thinking Subscales, including the levels of severity of behaviors and how to score on the CAFAS.
Who Should Attend

Intermediate/advanced social workers and mental health professionals who are already trained as CAFAS Trainers. Dates of last successfully completed CAFAS Reliability Testing and CAFAS Training for Agency Trainers (within the past 2 years) are required to be submitted at the time of registration.

Ann Heerde, DSW, LMSW, serves as the Program Supervisor for Family Services at CMH of Ottawa County. She has a Doctor of Social Work from Capella University and a Master’s in Social Work from Grand Valley State University. Ann has been CAFAS/PECFAS trainer for over 10 years. Her previous employment experience includes working as a Team Leader at Family Outreach Center, Surveillance Officer for Kent County Juvenile Court, Mentoring & Aftercare Coordinator at Serve Our Youth of Iowa and the Children’s Ministry Director at The Other Way Ministries.
Rebecca Clore, LMSW has worked for over 19 years in a variety of clinical and administrative roles serving children, youth, and families. In the Southwest Michigan area, Rebecca served as the Children’s Evidence Based and Community Trainer at Kalamazoo Community Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (now ISK) for over 9 years. Most recently, Rebecca was the Quality Services and Compliance Manager at Family & Children Services where she was responsible for the organization’s quality assurance and quality improvement initiatives, supporting outcome and evaluation efforts for behavioral health and child welfare programs, and leading the organization’s accreditation efforts. Rebecca is now the Statewide Fidelity Leader for Parent Management Training in Michigan, an evidence-based parenting program for families who have children experiencing social, emotional, and behavioral challenges, as well as serving in a similar role for Implementation Sciences International, Inc., the developer of the Generation PMTO model.
CEUs Continuing Education Credits:  
Social Workers: This course qualifies for a maximum of 6.5 Continuing Education hours. The Community Mental Health Association of Michigan is an approved provider with the Michigan Social Work Continuing Education Collaborative. Approved Provider Number: MICEC 060818. Qualifies as “face-to-face (in-person) education.”
Certificate Awarded: After confirmation that you have fully participated in this training your Continuing Education Certificate will be emailed to you within 30 days of the training. Certificate Issued By: Christina Ward, Director of Education & Training;; 517-374-6848
Evaluation/Grievance: There will be an opportunity for each participant to complete an evaluation of the course and the instructor. If you have any issues with the way in which this conference was conducted or other problems, you may note that on your evaluation or you may contact CMHAM at 517-374-6848 for resolution.
Virtual Training Accommodations: If you need accommodations to attend this training, please email your request to msholtz@cmham.org10 business days before the event. If you have concerns about using the Zoom platform you can reach out to at any time prior to the training to discuss your concerns.
Virtual Participation: You are expected to actively participate in the training. See below for additional information about virtual training recommendations and requirements.
- After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with recommendations and requirements.
- One week prior to the training you will be sent a link to register again through Zoom. Be sure to use the same email used to register through the CMHA website. Once you are registered in Zoom you will automatically receive the login details so you can view the meeting.
- Recommend that you save the meeting link in your calendar for easy access the day of the training.
- You must watch the training LIVE to receive credit for the training.
- In order to receive credit for this training attendees must be on video via their own device, showing the individual throughout the entire training, and be situated in a way that is sufficient for active engagement and learning as determined by CMHAM. Virtual trainings are to be treated with the same attention and vigor as an in-person training. Telephone only is not acceptable. 
- Lack of response to multiple chats directly from the moderator may impact your ability to receive credit.
- We do not allow for participants to be in their automobile/driving during trainings due to Michigan’s Distracted Driving Laws. This link has more information on Distracted Driving:,4643,7-123-72297_64773_22760-238359--,00.html
- Recommend that attendees log into the meeting’s waiting room at least 15 minutes before the training begins.
- Registration report will indicate arrival time (note you must be logged into the virtual training within 5 minutes of the start of the training).
- Polls and/or quizzes will be randomly given with a limited time for attendees to respond. This is required to show participation.
- Internet: A strong internet connection is highly recommended. If your internet service is not able to stream videos, it will likely not be strong enough to support a webinar training. You will want a minimum upload speed of 5mbps. If technology may be an issue for you, please contact CMHA at 517-374-6848 to discuss options further.
- Each training takes place in the time zone of its location and all agenda times reflect that.
Continuing Education Rules indicate that if you are over 5-minutes late or depart early, you forfeit your CEs for the entire training. Please note that this is a National rule that CMHA must enforce or we could lose our provider status to provide CEs in the future. This rule will be strictly followed.
Cancellation Policy
There is no fee to attend this training. Training materials will be provided via email. While there is no fee, we request written cancellation notice to if you find that you are unable to attend after registering. Substitutions are permitted 3 business days prior to the training.
Grant Funding/Sponsors
Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, through the Michigan Association of Community Mental Health Boards, has provided funding for this initiative through Federal Community Mental Health Block Grant.

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