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CMHA’s Vision for Michigan’s Public Mental Health System

Our association has worked to develop our vision for Michigan’s public mental health system. That vision, developed by a broad cross section of our association’s members and reviewed and approved by the Association’s Executive Board, will be used in discussions with the Whitmer administration, the legislature, and with stakeholders across the state and at the federal level in the coming months and for years to come.

As we have underscored in our discussions around the public positions of all of our associations over the past several years, this vision statement may align, in part, with the views of other advocacy organizations. Just as likely, many parts of this vision may not match those of your organization. As with all healthy partnerships, such convergence and divergence of views is expected.

Michigan’s public mental health system is nationally recognized as one of the most comprehensive, innovative, person-centered, and community-driven systems in the country. In order for this system to continue to stay at the forefront of the mental health field and to serve Michiganders and the communities in which they live and work, concrete actions are needed – including actions by state policymakers.

The Community Mental Health Association of Michigan has outlined these action steps in the document: CMHA Vision for A World-Class Public Mental Health System




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