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Advocacy – Action Alert & Petition

As you may know, Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey recently introduced two new bills – Senate Bills 597 & 598, which attempt to reboot and expand the failed “Section 298” effort of several years ago. This legislation would privatize all Medicaid mental health services by giving full financial control and oversight or decision making to for-profit insurance companies.

Supporters of Senate Bills 597 & 598 make a lot of false promises, do not be fooled these bills are a shell game, just shifting who pays the bills for a small fraction of people in the Medicaid program.

The bills are being falsely portrayed as improvements to the state’s public mental health system. If passed into law, these bills will severely damage Michigan’s Community Mental Health system and cause significant harm to the 320,000+ Michiganders who rely on its stability.

Senator Shirkey’s bills also hand Michigan funds and decision-making to out-of-state insurance companies. This legislation will allow our local mental health care decisions to be made in corporate board rooms in Missouri, California, Minnesota, Arizona and Indiana.

We MUST broaden the conversation beyond Medicaid. Mental illness and addiction impact millions of individuals and families across the state of Michigan regardless of their insurance. Sign our petition below to let Senator Shirkey know these bills are not the answer.




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Now more than ever before, voices need to be raised in support of services to persons with mental health, developmental/intellectual disabilities and substance use disorders. Please take a few minutes to reach out to your legislators and tell them how the decisions they make impact your local community.

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